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Have to go to work, but don't want to leave your pet at home alone? Or maybe you just don't want to come home to your house torn up. Bring her to us, where she can play and socialize!

Socialization is very important for your pets. Introducing your pets to new people and animals will help prevent and solve some behavioral problems. Problems like aggression relating to dominance or fear, and even biting. Our pets are our family, and they get cabin fever too!

We offer daycare for both dogs and cats. Each have their own room, so if your dog doesn't get along with cats (or vice versa), there are no worries.

*Additional discounts for multiple dogs/cats

Going on a business trip or vacation, but can't take your pets with you? Leave them with us! You can relax on your trip, knowing your pets are getting plenty of care, attention, and play time with us. You can even check up on them anytime you'd like on our "See Your Pet!" page.

For after hours pick-ups and drop-offs, please call 318-751-0747.

We require your pets to come in with their rabies tag (or proof of rabies vaccination in the event they don't wear tags) when they stay with us. This is for everyone's safety. We do not require proof of other vaccinations at this time, but we highly reccomend your pets be up-to-date on all of their vaccinations, to help prevent the spread of any canine or feline illnesses, especially kennel cough.

We reccomend that your pets be spayed or neutered before staying with us, but it is not a requirement. While we will do what we can to prevent it, we are not responsible for any pregnancies that may result during your pet's stay.

Special on-call hours are available after hours and on Sundays for overnight stays.
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